Exfluenced launches Digital Detox Program

Team Exfluenced of Class 2020 completed the test phase and successfully launched their free 7-day digital detox program on

Logo Exfluenced

Furthermore, the new site provides interviews with academic experts on the topics of mental health, disinformation, and many more in the context of social media.

Check out, join the program, and detox!


More about the projekt on 


During the 20-month scholarship, the development and implementation of project work is the focus of activities. The topics are proposed independently by the scholarship holders and are interdisciplinary. During the project work, the team members contribute their skills and continuously expand them.

The groups are encouraged to develop solutions independently. They are accompanied by mentors (active or retired professors) and tutors, both professionally and personally.
In the initial phase of the project work, a hypothesis underlying the chosen topic must be developed and tested with scientific methods. The team then derives ideas for implementation from the research results, which have high practical relevance. Throughout the entire time, the group members contribute their expertise and deepen it at workshops and seminars.

In doing so, they acquire further interdisciplinary competencies and strengthen their soft skills.