We decided to do our part in making Munich more eco-friendly and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in our city. More concretely, we aim to raise consciousness about transportation habits, awareness about their impact on the environment and promote eco-friendly behavior among young adult population. 

How do we want to achieve this? We aim to gamify the usage of public transport via a mobile app. A karma system will reward you for eco-friendly behavior. To maintain you engaged with your progress, you will be notified on a regular basis and also have the possibility to show your progress to others.


We have so far dedicated our efforts to understand the motives of our target group(s) to use or avoid using public transportation, as well as knowing their overall satisfaction with the system in the past few years. For us, this information is key, given that it will allow us to communicate the importance of eco-friendly behaviors more efficiently and effectively.

We have also investigated possible ways to measure the success of our project and have developed a first draft of the measurement instrument.


Our next step is the elaboration of the strategy to promote eco-friendly behaviors. This will be aligned with our findings, as mentioned in the previous section. Immediately after, we will initiate with the design and programming of the mobile app. 

Equally important is the collaboration with key actors such as the MVV, the SWM and entities with similar aims as ours, like Greencity and the EU project "Mobility Urban Values" (MUV), as well as the realization of partnerships with local shops, who will be essential for the operation of our karma system. We have already come in contact with some of the mentioned organizations and will continue to work on this for the following weeks.


  • Veronika Franz
    (M.Sc. Brewing and Beverage Technology)
  • Madeleine Hotter
    (M.Sc. Management & Technology)
  • Sarah Kluge
    (B.Sc. Political Science)
  • Melissa Lutgardo
    (M.Sc. Management)
  • Jonas Unterholzner
    (B.Sc. Biology)
  • Jeremias Widmann
    (B.Sc. Biology)


  • Dr. Matthias Lehner
  • Victoria Tressel