Die Studienberatung der TUM bietet zum Semesterbeginn erneut die "TUM4MIND - mental health Aktionswoche" an, die 2018 erstmals von der TUM: Junge Akademie an der TUM als Pilotprojekt gestartet wurde! Viel Erfolg und viele interessierte Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer. …

Explore with us, where creativity can lead to. And where it took us, the 2020 TUMJA Team. Learn about our new and creative TUMJA projects, meet fascinating AI, artists and experience live, how arts and technology come together.

Get involved in one of the exciting initiatives in Munich. Most of them start the application process right now! 35 student initiatives and organizations introduce into their work, activities, schedule, and how you might become an active member.

Under the theme "HUMAN-CENTERED TECHNOLOGY" seven companies and two chairs/professorships of TUM will each set a challenge.

Einfach mal durchatmen, abschalten und einen klaren Kopf während der Prüfungszeit bewahren!

Die TUM: Junge Akademie veranstaltete am 13. Juli das 3. Akademiegespräch in 2021, diesmal zu Gast waren TUM Vizepräsidentin Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus und Wolfgang Huang, Direktor der Lindauer Nobelpreisträgertagung e.V.

Team Clarify finished their project on virtual technology acceptance among the elderly today. Now we will evaluate our data and finish our Research Report!

We are proud to announce our frist cooperation with students of the Imperial College London, going a step forward elaborating a future partnership. As an event during the TUM Global Week we invite students of TUM and the ICL to join a 180 minutes Mini-Summer-School. …

Wissenschaft, Vernunft, Nachhaltigkeit – Denkanstöße für die Zeit nach Corona

Get ready and fit to join TUM´s biggest sport event, running to challenge yourself a an individual level or simply to have a lot of fun. On Friday, June 25 at 6 pm the run will be started. Are you student, employee or alumni of TUM? So be welcome to join in! More...! …