Projects in Flow

Each year, the TUM: Junge Akademie hosts several extraordinary events. The "Streetscience" at Munich's Streetlife festival, the TUM-wide "Tag der Initiativen," the Science Hack, or the annual TUM campus run. 

Some of these activities arose from former projects or initiatives of scholarship holders. The TUM campus run, for example, was a project of team runTUMfit in 2012 and is an annual tradition ever since. 

The TUMJA realizes these events with internal and external support. 

Find the details and plans for the upcoming events on the following pages.

Munich’s Initiative Evening

The M!A is a fair where student projects, initiatives and groups present themselves, recruit new members and network with each other – organized by the Student Council TUM School of Management, the TUM: Junge Akademie and the Munich Student Initiatives Association. more



TUM Science Hackathon

TUM Science Hackathon is the hackathon organized by TUM: Junge Akademie. Students of diverse fields and from different universities are invited to participate in this hackathon and to display their creativity, passion, and problem-solving skills. more




TUM Campusrun

The TUM Campusrun is organised free of charge and voluntarily by TUMJA, students, and co-workers from different areas at TUM. In the last two years, our virtual TUMrun as an alternative of the traditional TUM Campusrun was a tremendous success. more