Taskforce Event

The Taskforce Event of the TUM: Junge Akademie was formed as soon as the foundation of the academy. Our goal, even until now, is not only to create opportunities and environment for all scholarship holders to know more about one another outside the context of university, but also to establish connections between current and previous scholarship holders. On top of the networking opportunities, we want to provide our scholarship holders with exclusive experiences and special adventures to create an unforgettable time at TUM: Junge Akademie.

Usually, various interesting and exciting events are held every semester. Besides typical events such as the monthly “Stammtisch”, we also enable you to learn or experience things in different fields, for example the “Lederhosentraining” brings you to the English Garden in the summer to exercise and enjoy the nature; the “Photo workshop” gathers all people who are interested in photography to learn more about taking great photos; the “Opera night” leads you to the backstage, and even create conversations between dancers and you to have more insights about what happens behind the scenes.

Due to the ongoing pandemic we had to switch our events to virtual formats. After organizing multiple Online Game Nights, a Supervisor Meet & Greet and a Christmas Party @ Home including a Secret Santa via post, we are now looking forward to organize virtual workshops and panel discussions for all scholarship holders.

Classical events you must not miss (will take place again as soon as it will be safe to do so):

  • Running Dinner: At the Running Dinner, you will have a three-course menu (appetizer, main course and dessert) at three different places. The great thing is that you and your team mates are just responsible for preparing one of the three courses, while being a guest for the other two courses. Thus, during the event, you will get to know 12 other people. To conclude the evening, all participants meet in a bar.
  • Bouldering Night: In a small group of about 10 people we will visit the “Boulderwelt München”. Beginners as well as experts are all welcome here to either improve your technique or to learn more about the sport. Another good thing is: Entrance is free!
  • Summer festival: Every year, the TUM: Junge Akademie celebrates the summers by gathering and enjoying delicious grilled food and cold beverages, sometimes with sport challenges too!
  • Street Science: The Streetlife Festival is a great opportunity for scientists to share their everyday lives and research findings. The focus of the communication lies in the direct dialogue between lecturers and visitors in order to create a personal added value for both. To achieve this goal, we organize a booth at the Streetlife Festival Munich. Due to its high popularity, it provides a perfect framework for entering into discourse with various population groups.
  • Art Exhibitions: 
    • Visiting the exhibition of the contemporary dutch photographer was one of our first in person events since COVID emerged. In addition to marvelling at his pictures we had the chance to talk to the exhibition's curator Anja Huber to get even more insights into his work. 
    • We will visit the “The Mystery of Banksy – A Genius Mind” exhibition at Forum Deutsche Museum on September 29. Banksy is a British street artist known for his political activism and satirical contents. To discuss his art with an expert, we will again have the chance to talk to the exhibition's curator. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions: event@ja.tum.de

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Nico Michel

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