The academy rests upon its members and all those who act on its behalf. This includes representatives from all areas of the university family – from bachelor students to the experienced Emeriti of Excellence.

Commitment – The academy’s base

The members of the academy can be seen as pulse generators who articulate themselves on current issues and who are getting involved in many ways in favor of the academy and the TUM itself. Here, opportunities for any kind of commitment are communicated – mainly for members but partly also including external supporters.

These offers might:

  • apply in the short term, e.g. as a helper at a concrete event (summer festival, campus run, annual conference, etc.)
  • call for participation within the Taskforces in the medium-term for the period of three semesters
  • invite all persons interested in longer periods of commitment, e.g. getting involved as a tutor for one project group over a period of approx. 20 months.

Other forms of commitment are also possible, e.g. within the Board of Members or within working groups such as the academy’s ThinkTanks.