Taskforce Mentoring

The taskforce "Mentoring" designs a mentoring program for current scholars of TUM: Junge Akademie. We strongly believe that mentoring offers great benefits for both parties and is a valuable part of the curriculum of TUM: Junge Akademie. Our program provides a means of initiating one-on-one contact between scholars and alumni of TUM: Junge Akademie. Thus, individual advice and inspiration can be passed on from experienced alumni to younger scholars. At the same time, mentors get a chance to keep in vivid contact with their Alma mater and can benefit from the next generation's knowledge and enthusiasm. We are proud that our planning phase turned into reality in 2019.

Third Round with 19 new Mentoring Tandems started

In the third year of our mentoring program, 48 alumni were willing to participate as mentors and provided information about their study background, LinkedIn or XING profile, and certain personal circumstances. Besides that, 20 scholarship holders were interested in becoming a mentee. Since we believe that the mentees themselves know best who they would like to exchange with, they could rank the possible mentors in their preferred order. A matching tool computed the resulting tandems. In May 2021, we organized a virtual kickoff event, which marked the start of this year’s mentoring for 19 new tandems. It started with the presentation of the program with its framework conditions, such as the tandem agreement. Here, both parties write down their expectations and organizational agreements. Since the event also served as the closing event for the last year's tandems, they were able to report directly to the newcomers about their experiences and provide further insights into their interactions. All in all, the event was a great success with lively conversations until late in the evening.

In general, tandems can organise their interaction very individually: While mentor and mentee should meet at least four times during one year, the frequency as well as location and topics discussed are set individually. Academic questions as well as personal topics are encouraged to be discussed.

Feel free to contact us: mentoring@ja.tum.de


With the beginning of the summer term 2020 the taskforce mentoring is composed by: 

Taskforce Lead


Florian Hübler

Taskforce Speaker

Class 2020

Year 2021


Dario D'Alò Fonseca


Adrián Löwenberg Casas


    Musa A.


Alexander Holas


Annabel Matz


Laura Willinger

Year 2020


Renato Coppi



Christian Faßbender



Joel Jäschke



Aikaterini Mavroudi