Public Engagement at Streetlife Festival

The next Streetlife Festival will takes place in 2023, and we will be happy to be there again.

University research and its application in everyday life is a cornerstone of our society. In order to strengthen the public confidence in science, we have set the goal of bringing knowledge and, above all, enthusiasm for science to all sections of the population. To this end, we are organizing an event in which scientists can give a first-hand account of their everyday life and their research. This communication focuses on the direct dialogue between presenters and visitors to create a personal added value for both sides. To reach this goal, we organize a booth at the Streetlife Festival Munich. Due to its high popularity, it provides a perfect framework for entering into discourse with different groups of people.

"Public engagement" (PE) includes a large number of ways to share higher education findings with the public. We seek and promote methods of science communication. To achieve this, we bring together groups with different values and knowledge standards. Both sides benefit from this process of interaction: they gain insights into each other's thinking patterns, increase their knowledge or develop new skills.

"Show that scientific knowledge in the 'post-fact time' is more important than ever."

For the fifth time, we will organize a StreetScience stand at this year's Streetlife Festival in My. The aim is to present scientific topics through dialogic interactions and thus awaken curiosity among the visitors of the festival. Above all, our goal is to bring science from the university into society. The focus is on the direct dialogue between presenters and visitors to create an added value for both. We invite you to enrich the group of speakers to display a wider range of academic achievement. We have gathered an interesting group of scientists and we would be delighted to include you too. More information on this topic and a registration form can be found here.

The Streetlife Festival, organized by Green City e.V., is the largest street festival in Munich. It informs about socially relevant topics twice a year. From Odeonsplatz to Leopoldstraße, businesses and clubs have the opportunity to show themselves for a weekend. The public strolling is characterized by rather short stays at individual stands. With more than 250,000 visitors per weekend, the festival is one of the best-attended events in Munich.