TUM Science Hackathon 2021 / Season 2 Be a partner!

Why should your company participate in the TUM Science Hackathon?

The third edition of TUM Science Hackathon in April 2021 hosted more than 120 students from different fields of study and was supported by six partner companies and four chair of TUM. It was an incredible opportunity for students and companies to interact in finding unique solutions to important problems.

For the upcoming TUM Science Hackathon 2022 we plan to build on the success of the last Hackathons and increase both the diversity and the number of participants and partner companies.

Why partner with TUM Science Hackathon?

  • Visible connection to elite universities such as TUM and LMU, and EuroTeQ partner universities
  • Close interaction with some of the most talented and dedicated students in Germany
  • Opportunity to attract potential future customers and employees to your products and technologies
  • Test bench for hardware and software tools
  • Chance to advertise your company 
  • Networking with students, mentors, and other companies

How does the partnership with the TUM: Science Hackathon work?

As a partner of the TUM: Science Hackathon, you can propose one or more challenges which should be directly related to the topic of the TUM: Science Hackathon “Human Centered Technology”. Two teams of about five participants each will be working on each challenge.

To make sure that only the most motivated and best suited students will be working on your challenge(s), a short summary of the different tasks is given to the potential participants in advance, who can then state their preferences. 

One week before the TUM: Science Hackathon weekend, the Kick-Off event will take place. Here the teams get to know each other and each partner can present themselves with a presentation. In addition, the partners' logos will be displayed on the official T-shirts, as well as on all kinds of advertising (posters, flyers, website, etc.).

The partners provide resources for the event that the students can use in their projects. These resources include but are not limited to software, hardware, datasets, and tools. During the whole Science Hack, you will have the possibility to communicate with your teams via virtual platforms.

How can you partner with the TUM: Science Hackathon?

Have we convinced you to partner with the TUM: Science Hackathon? Then please send us an email to contacts@ja.tum.de.