Board of Members

Giving fellows’ inspiration a space to unfold: This is the mission of the members' council of TUM: Junge Akademie since its establishment in 2014. Each project group and each taskforce sends one representative to the periodical meetings to keep their peers up to date, discuss ideas, give advice, and support each other to improve and further develop TUM: Junge Akademie. Besides the regular visitors, all members and alumni are invited to join and contribute their experiences and opinions. The meetings are intended to offer a platform to synchronize the different groups and people, and to achieve lively cooperation and synergy.

The Board of Members elects six student representatives to the Advisory Board. By integrating the Board of Members into the Advisory Board, the scholarship holders actively participate in the decision-making process. Proposals for changes in the scholarship program are discussed with the Advisory Board, the director, and the office team. Upon our agreement, fellows are encouraged to take action with the Board to implement these decisions.

Each member is encouraged to bring their ideas to the meetings of the Board of Members and to keep TUM: Junge Akademie as an institution organized independently by its fellows.

Philipp Patzelt

Head of the BoM

(since Jan. 2022)

Anna Sophia Schmid

Deputy Head of the BoM

(since Jan. 2022)