The Taskforces of TUM: Junge Akademie give you the opportunity to shape the future of the program and enable you to contribute own ideas and personal talents within it. Throughout the program you will acquire skills related to the taskforce you joined, such as designing, event planning, project management, and many more. Furthermore, you will expand your network by collaborating with scholarship holders from other projects and years.

On average, each taskforce meets twice a month to discuss their progress and plan future activities. Besides, group representatives meet regularly to keep each other updated. The work in the taskforces is an important part of the scholarship program in addition to your project.


Taskforce Contacts, Alliances, Partnerships (CAP) aims to generate funding, and establish and maintain a network of partnerships between scholarship holders, alumni, and companies. more


Taskforce Event provides exciting events every semester, offers opportunities to experience a lot of different things, and get to know each other. more


Taskforce International wants to create an intercultural exchange amongst students from international universities involved in similar projects as the TUM: Junge Akademie. more


Taskforce Marketing aims to increase the brand image and recognition of TUMJA's interdisciplinary scholarship program. more


Taskforce Mentoring designs a one-to-one mentoring program for current scholarship holders with TUMJA alumni. more


Taskforce Members is responsible for all issues concerning the active members, alumni, and members-to-be, especially the application process. more


Taskforce Symposia organizes the final event of each year — the yearly symposium. more