Taskforce CAP - Contacts, Alliances, Partnerships

Taskforce CAP manages cooperations between TUM: Junge Akademie and TUM-external parties (e.g., companies/organizations).


TUM Science Hackathon

The TUM Science Hackathon is the largest event we organize and host with many partner companies, chairs and 100+ participants. Stay tuned for our next hackathon in May: TUM Science Hackathon 2023.

For all Science Hack related topics, you can reach us at sciencehack@ja.tum.de.

Pixida GmbH & QuantCo

Six years of partnership and trust (2016-2022)! In collaboration with Pixida we have organized events with scholarship holders and Pixida representatives over more than half a decade and we continue. New sponsor is QuantCo which we are excited to involve in our curriculum.

Partner of TUMJA

Collaborations can go from just one seminar or workshop, to supporting one of our project teams, to sponsoring TUMJA. We are always open for new partners and look forward to your ideas. More

Contact us at contacts@ja.tum.de.

Class 2023


Vedant Gupta 



Sarah Lockfisch

Management and Technology


Peter Ridilla

Computer Science


Magalie Roß


Class 2022


Ioan-Daniel Craciun



Pia Gutsmiedl



Emilia Litzka



Matthias Pixner

Mechanical Engineering


Lenz Pracher


Taskforce Senior


Philipp Patzelt