Right from the beginning, the idea of founding a special program that provides support for the most promising TUM students and that also focuses on issues of personal development beyond specialist qualifications received a lot of sympathy throughout the TUM faculties – especially by the retired professors who are involved as supervisors, helping to implement the projects that play a central role during the first year of the TUM: Junge Akademie. In the future, the young scholarship holders will also be able to choose one of the experienced professors as a personal mentor and to access his/her personal network. This role can be filled by an active professor or a professor emeritus. The Emeriti of Excellence are particularly obliged to provide assistance for the gifted students.

As a spokesman for the Emeriti of Excellence, I would like to invite you, dear students, to take advantage of our offer for you to benefit from the experience of the "elders". This includes our connections within the university as well as our contacts to other universities or research institutes in Germany and abroad that might come up with interesting impulses for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis, opportunities to network with companies or with internships or job opportunities for working students. Perhaps it could even be the smallest impulse arising from a personal interview that would make it worth to contact the experienced academics. On the 
TUM-website, you will find an introductory overview of the TUM Emeriti of Excellence and their areas of expertise.

I wish the TUM: Junge Akademie ongoing success and hope that the scholarship holders will cherish the possibility to pursue fascinating interdisciplinary projects together with their brilliant colleagues!

Prof. Dr. med. Michael Molls
Spokesman of the Emeriti of Excellence


These professors and supporters have so far served as supervisors for the project groups: