2nd symposium of TUM: Junge Akademie

Starting something new is always a difficult task. Last year´s scholarship holders were the first to replace the usual annual conference with the format of a scientific symposium. Learning from their experiences, the year 2017/II tried to improve the format and established the symposium as a recognisable event happening every year at TUM.

This year´s symposium Wahrheit 2.0 wanted to shed light upon the topic of truth and lies in a journalistic, political and social context. 

After an introduction from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Müller, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hanitzsch from LMU started the evening with his keynote.
As a former journalist he outlined the overall development of journalism in Germany and asked questions about the credibility of journalists. Furthermore, he presented and discussed the results of his newest research study on this topic.

Subsequently, the focus was shifted towards the projects of the year of TUM: Junge Akademie. Introduced by a short movie, the different student groups of the year 2017/II presented their final research results in four pitches. These pitches closed the first part of the symposium and lead into an active break. During this break, the participants of the symposium were encouraged to join in depth discussions about the finalised projects of year 2017/II as well as the current projects of year 2019.

The second part of the symposium was opened by Prof. Dr. Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt from the TUM School of Governance. Her keynote Accountability in the Digital Age took a closer look at the political
spectrum of the topic truth and lies. 

Despite the seriousness of the matter, the Austrian entertainer Florian Scheuba concluded the evening on a rather light-hearted note and reminded us all, that there is more to life than black and white discussions about truth and lies.

Veronika Bauer & Thomas Just


Date: Thursday, Juy 27th of 2019 / 5 until 9 pm

Location: Theodor-Fischer lecture hall (0360) at Main Campus - Room Finder



5.00 pm Opening - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Müller / Director of TUM: JA and Senior Vice President für Study and Teachings affairs

5.15 pm Keynote - Prof. Dr. Thomas Hanitzsch / Deputy Department Head Department of Media and Communication (IfKW) at LMU Munich

6.00 pm Presentation of the video Year 2017/II

6.15 pm Project pitchs Year 2017/II

6.30 pm Activ break with poster presentation (year 2017/II & 2019

7.30 pm Keynote " Accountability in the Digital Age " - Prof. Dr. Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt / Reform rector of the Bavarian School of Public Policy at TUM

8.15 pm Live gig with Florian Scheuba / Comedian and author, winner of the austrian comidian award

9.00 pm closing - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Müller

Das Video zum 2. Symposium