Munich is blooming – and we are joining in

Flower Power Festival Munich 2023

During the Flower Power Festival, the TUM: Junge Akademie offers students, staff, alumni, friends and neighbors of TUM an opportunity to take part in many events, workshops as well as other activities to experience TUM in a very different manner. Besides photography contests, exhibits, and a writing workshop, the festival will also offer the chance to write texts - always in the context of the beautiful concept of "blooming".

At the writing workshop themed "Stilblüten" ("Style Blossoms"), the participants can compose short stories far from scientific texts, celebrating the motto of the festival. Authors and experts from the literary scene will provide support. The project will conclude during a public reading.

We are very pleased to be able to represent TUM at the Munich Flower Power Festival in 2023.

Together with the "Academic Programs WTG" of the TUM School of Social Science and Technology, we are in a great position to do so and are looking forward to a colorful and varied summer!

Our contributions to the festival – events at TUM

Within the scope of "Stilblüten" we are organizing a writing workshop for the TUM community that will take place over the span of several months. It is inspired by the positive experiences of 2022, when we first addressed the TUM writing community with the "WORDSHOPS" format in collaboration with the "TUM Studienbündel Wissenschaft - Technologie - Gesellschaft" as an initiative to encourage their creative side and help them develop their talents. Students and alumni as well as staff from all TUM disciplines are invited to join in.

Participants in the program will be able to:

  • improve their writing skills
  • develop their own unique literary piece
  • network with experts and build important connections
  • gain insight into the world of publishing

The "STILBLÜTEN" project, as a contribution to the "Flower Power" festival, will be concluded with a public readout of the resulting essays in the pre-Christmas period, which will be compiled into a book as a final product of the festival.

AGENDA (Provisional)

April Announcement of "STILBLÜTEN" to the target group all locations & Alumni
June Registration with deadline 6.8.2023 online
August Kick-Off Weekend Main Campus
Aug-Sept Writing workshop, several workshop days Diverse
Oct/Nov Editing & Printing Online
Dec Delivery  
Dec 12.12.2023: Public Reading / Project Completion (TBD)

Main Campus


The lecture series of the TU Student Council's Department of the Environment will focus on climate activism and action in the summer semester of 2023. The individual lectures of the lecture series will be held in English.


Here we are, each one of us, standing on this great stage that is steadily igniting.
Some are afraid of its future weight, and others are merely reciting.
There is no autoplay, no single stairway, nor last will arranged. We are all involved and, here to stay in this century’s great drama: “Climate Change”.

It is complex, urgent, and the greatest challenge to the humanity of this decade.
When has eating meat become worse than burning oil? Or, advocating climate protest more threatening than inequality or populism? Are we really taking meaningful action to combat the climate crisis? Are we, as actors, qualified for this play, or are we just bystanders watching from the sidelines? Maybe we should start changing the script.

In this intriguing lecture, we'll cut through the haze of greenwashing and the maze of
disinformation. We will analyze the psychology of our action (or rather: our inaction), and delve into the social, political, and economic structures driving - or even impeding -progress. For it is not only about individual action, but the collective movement that can drive a global turnaround against climate change. Don’t miss this chance to get fired up and get ready to act and take on the climate drama!


  • 06.06.2023  ECONOMIC PLANNING IN AN AGE OF CLIMATE CRISIS. Lecture by Dr. Paul William Cockshott
  • 13.06.2023  #DIGITALART4CLIMATE AND #BLOCKCHAIN4CLIMATE. Lecture by Dr. Miroslav Polzer  
  • 20.06.2023  WHY DON’T WE ACT IN THE CLIMATE CRISIS? Lecture by Dr. Clara Kühner, IfKW Munich
  • 04.07.2023  LEGAL ASPECTS OF TAKING ACTIONS FOR GLOBAL GOALS. Lecture by Prof. Dr. iur. G.A. Balensiefen
  • 11.07.2023  THE NEXT PHASE OF CLIMATE POLICY. Lecture by Prof. Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer

18.30-20.00, Karl Max von Bauernfeind Lecture Hall HS 2750, Arcisstr. 21, 80333 Munich

This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the TUM Campus Run, which the TUM: Junge Akademie has been hosting since 2013 for the entire community of the Technical University of Munich.

This year, the TUM Campus Run brings together up to 2,000 people from our university: students, staff, and alumni, and hence being the largest TUM internal sports event ever!

We are tremendously proud of the TUM Campus Run and will be therefore incorporating it into the Flower Power Festival, although it is taking place at the Garching campus.

Run in floral shoes, wear floral leggings or dance along the track in colorful wigs! There are no limits to your imagination !

Participation details:

  • The first step is to register for the run as an individual runner or team.
  • Then register with costume/clothing and props at the photo booth (right next to the info booth) on the day of the run by 4:30 pm at the latest.
  • There you will be photographed and a jury will judge your entry in the categories "Individual" and "TEAM".
  • The photos of the candidates and teams will be presented in the exhibition "TUM meets Flower Power" as part of the planned photo exhibition on the main campus.

The three first place winners will receive great prizes

Über das Festival

Natur feiern in der Stadt. Unter diesem Motto findet vom 3. Februar bis 7. Oktober 2023 das Flower Power Festival München statt. Nach dem bundesweit aufsehenerregenden Faust Festival 2018 soll es das zweite große Event in der bayerischen Landeshauptstadt werden, bei dem alle mitmachen können, ob große Institutionen, kleine Verbände, renommierte Kultureinrichtungen, bekannte Parks oder private Initiativen. Zu den vier Initiator*innen zählen die Kunsthalle München, das Naturkundemuseum Bayern, der Botanische Garten München-Nymphenburg sowie der Gasteig HP8.

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