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Register for the TUM Campuslauf 2024

The largest sporting event at TUM, the legendary Campus Run, brings together 2,000+ people from the TUM network every year. This year it will take place on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 5 pm. In addition to the run on campus, we are once again offering the #virtualTUMrun as a contribution to this year's Global Week. Registration is open to all EARLY BIRDS from March 1, 2024.

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Dr. Martin Rothbucher – COO at Kinexon

in an interview with Lucia Arens and Joshua Fehn.

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Healthy Habits: Introducing our app's first prototype!

Be the first to test it and start building healthy habits! More on instagram...

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EfficiAID: Needs of the visually impaired

Exploring innovative ways through a questionnaire to empower the visually impaired to navigate through public spaces more easily.

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communicaTUM: GMOs - a health hazard or a climate savior?

Team communicaTUM is currently researching everything to do with food security and the influence of science communication on opinion formation.

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PRISMatrix: Exploring perspectives on PISA 2023 results

Our team is interviewing experts, exploring newspapers and literature to map controversial opinions and give an overview on reasons for the declining mathematical performance observed in PISA 2023.

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New Heads for the Board of Members

In January, the TUMJA Board of Members (BoM) elected the heads of BoM.

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MEiNunG at the BR Forum "AI for Media: Science meets Journalism"

The team of TUMJA #class24, together with supervisor Prof. Dr. Martin Werner, presented their project, and discussed the challenges with scientists and journalists.