Arts & Technology – Celebrate Creativity at the Symposium 2021

Explore with us, where creativity can lead to. And where it took us, the 2020 TUMJA Team. Learn about our new and creative TUMJA projects, meet fascinating AI artists and experience live, how arts and technology come together.

For sure, creativity is everywhere at TUM. It's when scientists and students solve old and new problems differently than before. It’s when they break traditional understanding of technology. When they let their ideas fly, start with one question and come up with a solution for another one.

We want to celebrate creativity with you! Our interactive live event stream will be open and we will also be live at the TUM Audimax. In case of any questions, please contact us at!

On October 30, we want to explore the creativity of TUM - and challenge yours! Online and interactive and also live at Audimax. We will bring together people who have something to say about creativity: Interesting personalities from various areas from inside and outside of TUM, students from different fields of studies, professors, and special guests.

Meet AI artists, take part in creative online challenges, and get in touch with 6 creative and inspiring ideas and projects that generated from our call Arts & Technology.

Where? Audimax on the main campus (limited) and via an interactive livestream

When? 30th October 2021, 8 pm

How? Register here oder directly access the livestream! 

“Arts & Technology” was the call for the 2020 team of TUM: Junge Akademie. In 20 months, we developed six creative answers:

  • AppCycle makes your daily life habits more eco-friendly 
  • Clarify connects the elderly to the world by virtual reality
  • Exfluenced is a subversive Instagram detox program - on Instagram 
  • Exhibition Fish lets art and technology work together for more privacy
  • Lacktivity will let you fall in love with staircases 
  • TUMwelt gamifies public transport to reduce CO2-emissions

In AI Art, arts and technology function symbiotically. But how creative are machines? Can you tell the difference between human and AI art? What happens to creativity, when humans and machines even work together? Are we becoming creative cyborgs? Save the date and meet us live at the event to be part of an exciting performance and conversations with Artificial Intelligence artists. We will peek into a world of new understanding about art and explore which forms creativity can take.

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TUM: Junge Akademie (TUM:JA) is the TUM's scholarship program  for exceptionally talented and dedicated students. It provides dedicated students with an individual scope for development on their way to reach positions of responsibility in our modern society. Among other things, the scholarship aims to confront the most promising students with open and particularly difficult problems at an early stage in order to teach them how to solve such issues.