Taskforce Mentoring

Our mission:

The taskforce "Mentoring" designs a mentoring program for current scholars of TUM: Junge Akademie. We strongly believe that mentoring offers great benefits for both parties and is a valuable part of the curriculum of TUM: Junge Akademie. Our program provides a means of initiating one-on-one contact between scholars and alumni of TUM: Junge Akademie. Thus, individual advice and inspiration can be passed on from experienced alumni to younger scholars. At the same time, mentors get a chance to keep in vivid contact with their Alma mater and can benefit from the next generation's knowledge and enthusiasm. We are proud that our planning phase turned into reality in 2019.

The newly matched tandems kicked off the 2022 mentoring program in June!

In June, the Kick-off & Closing Event 2022 of the Taskforce Mentoring took place at the Vorhoelzer Forum, where the mentors and mentees of the past class reflected on their successful mentoring tandems and the current class was able to get acquainted with their new mentors. After an exciting opening speech by Peter Finger and nice introduction to the evening by Annabel Matz, all participants came together in a relaxed atmosphere with good food, inspiring conversations and wonderful summer temperatures with a great view over Munich. First experiences were exchanged, burning questions answered and new people met, which is the goal of the mentoring program.

After the mentoring kickoff, in general, tandems can organise their interaction very individually: While mentor and mentee should meet at least four times during one year, the frequency as well as location and topics discussed are set individually. Academic questions as well as personal topics are encouraged to be discussed.

New tandems will get started in June

The mentor-mentee-tandems of class 23 will have their Kick-off Event within the Symposium in June 2023. A great opportunity to get to know each other in an inspiring atmosphere!

Feel free to contact us: mentoring@ja.tum.de


Taskforce Lead


Kathrin Schmalzl

Sport and Health Sciences

Class 2023


Sophie Ebert

Landscape Architecture and Planning


Veronika Hofmann

Mathematics in Science and Engineering


Helene Jung

Health Sciences


Xufan Lu

Business Informatics

Class 2022


Nina Dieminger

Molecular Biotechnology


Til Hagendorn



Wenxuan Li


Taskforce Senior


Robin Weiß