From left to right: Andrea, Laura, Marie, Christopher, Deniz, Omar, Len, Maryna, David


Our Instagram awareness campaign is well on its way: After its launch on June 1st, we managed to accumulate over 500 followers! Although this might seem like a small milestone, it also shows a growing interest into our project. Going forward, we are looking to improve the content we share with our audience and want to start engaging with our community more actively. In the coming days, we are planning to reach out to possible interview partners.

The first beta version of our chat bot is live on the website, and our instagram page continues to provide you with helpful information thorugh different infographics and fun memes. 
Be sure to check us out if you have not already!

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How do different subgroups, especially political players, use social media to influence people for their advantage? Do certain parallels exist between political and non-political influencers?

Let’s examine the magnitude of the issue and raise awareness!

Project progress

We are done with research and will be soon starting the development phase of our project. We are planning to create an interactive learning web tool that will help people process their Instagram feed more critically and reduce screen time overall. We will cover topics such as consumer behavior, advertisement, politics in social media, and our behavior as a social animal – our fear of missing out, addiction to social media, and self-image. This will hopefully help people think twice before believing something said in an Instagram post or help them overcome their Instagram addiction and subsequent behavioral and self-image problems. Instagram in itself is not bad – our relationship with it is. So we hope to help people make it healthier.

Another part of our project will be a Wiki page where you can see our research, helpful links and different tools to further help how you view your social media timeline.


Our project came at a very interesting time in history – we can’t meet up and discuss our ideas in person, and everyone relies on social media to combat the feelings of loneliness and boredom. Social media usage has grown – people’s awareness of what they are reading or seeing hasn’t. There are as many false claims by non-existent doctors and people about the virus as there are real ones, and it’s not always easy to distinguish between them. We feel that our mission is as important es ever. People need to be more aware about the information they consume and believe, especially when it comes to their health.  


  • Christopher Ebert
  • Deniz Bezgin
  • Len Brandes
  • Andrea Weiller
  • Maryna Shcherbak
  • Marie Huemer  
  • Omar Eldeeb
  • David Noachtar
  • Laura Ballentin


  • Jakob Scheffels
  • Christos Gazanis