Exhibition Fish

We are working on data privacy. More specifically, we are investigating the apparent discrepancy between how people are sharing data online and their concerns that sharing such data could have negative consequences - concerns that, on the face of it, often seem to contradict their actual behavior.

Through our research, we found out that students in munich tend to give away their data regardless of their concerns in order to receive benefits such as being able to use certain online services. Hence, these benefits play an important role in creating this so-called Privacy Paradox

Sharing data in order to receive benefits can be thought of as a transaction. However, unlike shopping at a grocery store where you exchange actual money for physical goods over the counter, paying with data for online services is a highly invisible and intangible transaction that we often don’t even think about. So, what would happen if we were to make this transaction visible? That and other questions we want to investigate with our project.

Taking this into account, we will depart from purely scientific analysis and see if we can explore such questions through artistic work.


  • Renato Coppi
  • Franz Xaver Gillmeyer
  • Annalena Huber
  • Joshua Sharon Neumann
  • Juan Esteban Suarez
  • Paul Andrei Sava


  • Eva Biehl
  • Daniel Schwinger