CredibiliTUM: The Influence of Personality on the Perception of Credibility


In today’s world, where fake news and alternative facts spread globally through digital media, the constant influx of information constantly puts forward the question of credibility. Especially online Influencer and Blogger use their channels and platforms to get in contact with many people and spread their Information.


CredibiliTUM seeks to analyze how the two fundamental aspects of personality and credibility relate to each other. In our project, we want to see whether credibility is interrelated with one’s own personality or some of its traits, perhaps leading us to perceive others as more credible.

Therefore we decided to refer to the Big Five Personality Test, which is greatly appreciated among psychotherapists since its five-factor structure denotes a tendency between two extremes, noting how each aspect carries its specific nuances and shades of meaning.

We already collected data from online Influencers. For the data collection we use a questionnaire and different Videos from theese Influencers.

The five dimensions considered are: openness (to experience), conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism; which is why the classification is also referred to as OCEAN, given the initials of each element.  


Our study aims to provide new insights for the global debate on credibility in the digital age, as well as the key role that online communication plays.

We provide the participating influencers a brief summary on the perception of their presented content, as well as the possibility to reach a broader audience.


  • Luisa-Maria Kraus
  • Hayden Liu Weng
  • Carolin Schimmer
  • Lea Luka Sikau
  • Milena Wörsching


  • Beate Lang
  • Nikolaus Pöchhacker


  • Dominik Frank
  • Prof. em. Dr. Erich Sackmann
  • Prof. Dr. rer. soc. Elisabeth Wacker