Who we are:

We are a group of eight students, each one coming from a different field of study. What unites us is the interest in human health and the confidence in modern technologies to be of great value for a healthy life.

Main Goal:

In our research, we try to examine the link between procrastination and its impact on the mental health of students. Therefore, we decided to create an online course in order to help students reduce their struggle with procrastination.

Current State:

A first pilot study was sent out to different groups of students, questioning them on their personal experience with procrastination as well as their interest in participating in the different types of intervention formats. Among other things, it showed that procrastination is a major issue for many students. 

Currently we are building the course platform and started the production of our educational videos that are the main content of the course. In order to promote our course and reach more students we launched an Instagram account.

It is now possible to sign up for our course which will start on November 1st.

Our Team:

From left to right (starting at the upper left corner):

  • Christian Dietz
  • Laura Willinger
  • Olliver Schurius
  • Genoveva Müller
  • Elisa Rodepeter
  • Dario D'Alò Fonseca
  • Daniel Khadra
  • Leonardo Giannotti


  • Ho Huang
  • Saskia Hutschenreiter


E-mail: proactivation@ja.tum.de