View the final Project Report of #class21 Team "Proactivation"

Who we are:

We are a group of eight students, each one coming from a different field of study. What unites us is the interest in human health and the confidence in modern technologies to be of great value for a healthy life.

Main Goal:

In our research, we tried to examine the link between procrastination and its impact on the mental health of students. Therefore, we created an online course in order to help students reduce their struggle with procrastination.

Our Posters:

The posters document our project process. Starting with our first surveys and ending with our finalized Proactivation course.


With our Proactivation course starting in November 2021, we started getting more and more publicity. Giving an interview to Antenne Bayern and getting reposted by big social media channels like Mit Vergnügen München helped us reach more people and increase the number of our particpiants.

Our Team:



  • Ho Huang
  • Saskia Hutschenreiter