Who we are

Our team AppCycle, consisting of 8 students with different backgrounds of study fields, is motivated to contribute to Munich's environment, concentrating on the re- and upcycling situation in the city. For doing so we create an app that encourages the users to change their daily life habits into more ecofriendly ones.

Background of the project

Nowadays humanity consumes a huge amount of fossil fuels to maintain the standard of living and produce its consumption goods. As consequence of the matter, too much waste is produced. Nature suffers - humanity acts ignorant. Different studies proof the increasing waste production on the entire planet, even in well-developed countries such as Germany.

Why does humanity behave this way? What has to be improved to reduce waste production? How can people be reached and convinced to change their waste management? As it turned out all of us were seriously concerned with and interested in these questions, although we are all engaged in very different fields of studies. In the context of "TUM:JA" we got to know each other, found this severe environmental concern of ours and decided to team up for developing an artsy project to improve humans' rate of waste consumption. For nature the most favoured waste consumption - of course -is prevention of waste. But if avoiding waste is not possible, the actions reducing, reusing or recycling should be chosen.

Watch this video to find out more about our project.

Main Goal

After doing research and contacting different companies and professionals who have gained experience in the field of waste management, we draw the conclusion that many possibilities for re- and upcycling already exist. However, there is a crucial lack of actions and habits in people's lives regarding re- and upcycling. The main reasons therefore are the lack of knowledge, laziness and the immense effort to find the above mentioned possibilities and information.

Based on the outcomes of our research, we decided to create an app called AppCycle to integrate re- and upcycling into lifestyle and change habits towards a more sustainable behaviour. The app will simplify gathering information, especially about artistic upcycling projects, and further encourage the users to keep track of their waste consumption.

Functions of the app

The app will provide an interactive map of Munich, where for example recycling stations, repair cafés, eco-friendly shops, etc. can be found. Additionally, there will be a calendar, that contains information about interesting events such as flea markets or exhibitions regarding environmental topics. The centrepiece of the app is going to be a newsfeed where users can share their ideas for upcycling as well as like and comment on other posts. This way, the user can easily reach out for possibilities reusing one's waste instead of throwing it away. Since those ideas lead often to the production of artistic gadgets out of former waste, the newsfeed also links AppCycle with this year's call "Technology and Arts".

Current state

Our team has divided into four subgroups to achiebe a more detailed research on our planned App. So far, we have contacted a variety of experts on the topic of up- and recycling such as professors, organisations and other app creaters. After receiving their review on our mockup, we feel ready to proceed towards finalizing our planing. Also our programming team has recently started with implementing the first steps of the App.


  • Sophie Schwarz
  • Silvia Bergt
  • En-Hsin Chung
  • Ario Dastmaltschi
  • Lena Litzenburger
  • Maximilian Passek
  • Junianna Zatsarnaja     
  • Nina Zuber


  • Konstantin Ritt
  • Bernhard Häfner