As a result of an exciting journey of exploring new ideas, the team is currently dedicated to drafting a campaign aimed at shifting perspectives. 
We want to stimulate new ideas and allow people to challenge their implicit or explicit beliefs. We want people to naturally come to new conclusions rather than imposing precast dogmatic ideas. For this purpose, we want to take a humanizing and subtle, yet unshirkable approach through (audio) visual impressions.

We aim to run a campaign to raise awareness about black and white thinking and limited views which may result in hasty judgment. Our next step is to evaluate different campaign contents through a questionnaire. We will focus on the most promising idea to answer our modified research question: Can a campaign motivate people to reflect on their opinions and consider perspectives outside their in-group?



  • Musa A. / TUM SoM
  • Mohammad Hashem / TUM SoM
  • Lisa Henicz / Architecture
  • Adrian Löwenberg Casas / Mathematics
  • Annabel Matz / Mechanical Engineering
  • Eva-Madeleine Schmidt / MSE Munich School of Engineering
  • Josephine van Delden / TUM SoM
  • Niclas Weddigen /TUM SoM


  • Panagiotis Christou
  • Samuel Valenzuela