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Find your study buddy - the right one!

LETO matches you with other students in your course to help you get the answers you need and gain insights from your peers. We connect you with students who have similar personality traits and learning types, so that the learning exchange runs even better.

Learn more about us and find your learning partner on https://leto.ja.tum.de!

The background story

Finding a learning partner at university with whom we enjoy learning together, exchanging experiences, and giving each other feedback becomes more difficult every year.

We identified several reasons for this, namely:

  • large university courses,
  • individual timetables,
  • large distances between the campus and students' homes, and
  • few get-to-know events.

All of these factors make it difficult to get to know everybody in a course so that students can find the best learning partner for them.

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the speed of digitalization, allowing students to still be taught learning content, but also making it even more difficult to learn and find a suitable learning partner.

Project progress

With this in mind, we decided to change the game. We wanted to make learning as fun and effective as possible. So, we set out and interviewed fellow TUM students what challenges they face most in their learning process and how we could help them.

Here are the three most frequently mentioned points on which we are building our platform:

  • "Help me find learning buddies who are interested in the same topics or who take the same class, so that I can get the answers needed"
  • "Help me build a learning group to have a more productive idea exchange and knowledge construction"
  • "Help me gain better insights from peers and more experienced learners, so that I can accelerate my learning progress"

To figure out what exactly the right study buddy is, we read up on current research literature and found that people who are similar in their personality traits and learning type may be ideal for learning together.

Current status

We programmed LETO, designed questionnaires on personality traits and learning types, and launched it in February 2022. Check it out!

When you sign up or when you are looking for a new study buddy, we ask you to answer a few questions about yourself. Based on your answers, we will look for a person in your course who is as similar to you as possible (when others have registered in your course). All your data will be stored on the LRZ servers in Germany and we will not share your data with anyone outside this project group to guarantee you a maximum of privacy.

Now it's your turn to meet and brainstorm about how you want to proceed. Wondering on how to start? We've got you covered! Stay tuned for our Instagram account with helpful tips on how to stop procrastination and start learning effectively with your study buddy.

New website

Get started: https://leto.ja.tum.de

Student research project

For our scientific project, we aimed to answer our research question:

  • How strongly do matching scores and perceived quality of the match correlate?

For this, we asked participants to share their matching score and give us feedback on how they felt about the match. The matching score is a number that expresses how similar two study buddies are in their personality traits and learning type.


  • Philipp Patzelt / Sport and Health Sciences
  • Sara-Luisa Reh / TUM Medicine & Informatics
  • Valentin Roth / TUM SoM
  • Wolf Thieme / Informatics
  • Luca Mattes Wiehe / TUM SoM
  • Nicolay Gerold / TUM SoM (former)
  • Panarit Jahiri / Informatics (former)
  • Zoya Kozlova / TUM EDU (former)


  • Matthias Lehner / TUM EDU
  • Elena Tangocci / TUM EDU

Contact us

Email: leto@ja.tum.de