Our preliminary goal is to develop and evaluate a method to improve the learning process. Our focus is set on the perception and the understanding of scientific communication and how to improve it. The plan is to create a tool for students of a TUM department to match students' personality traits, learning styles and the content of their courses/lectures in order to give personalized advice on the learning strategies helping them study as effectively as possible.

Progress so far

Our team had been in the process of researching different aspects of studying such as learning styles, learning strategies and personality traits. We had found some instruments for each of these that we will look into further to see whether – and if so, how exactly – we could use these for our final product, a matching algorithm which gives students recommendations on how they could tackle specific subjects. We created a plan which includes multiple steps of experiments containing questionnaires and tasks for participants. The first study with over 100 participants has been conducted and evaluated throughout 2020. Each participant answered a questionnaire regarding their learning preferences, among others. They then participated in three quizzes after having used different learning strategies for each topic. Our findings were the following:

  • People had better scores when using a specific learning strategy.
  • The questionnaire could not predict the most effective learning strategy to each individual.

Current Status

During our last months at the TUM Junge Akademie, our work is mostly focused on the project book 2019. We have finalized the transcription of an interview with our supervisor Prof. Dr. Azzura Ruggeri. This resulted in a very informative article about herself and her work, also giving some insights into our project. Furthermore, we are in the process of writing the scientific part. We can't wait to present our work in the project book!


  • Lea John
  • Friederike Jungmann
  • Kilian Lupp
  • Elena Tangocci
  • Samuel Valenzuela
  • Katharina Wagner


  • Konrad Weiss
  • Martin Zirngibl


  • Prof. Dr. Azzurra Ruggeri