Core Problem

Children have a lack of understanding and knowledge about scientific processes


Engage children especially with social needs in the scientific thinking process by enabling easier access while ensuring a fun and practical learning experience by January 2020

Research Question

How does a “science game”, played in extracurricular venues (e.g. after-school care), improve the participating children’s understanding of the scientific method?

Workshop at Bad Sachsa

  • Our goals were defined in the last workshop at Bad Tölz.
  • We had a three-day workshop in the middle of Germany from 30.03.19 to 01.04.19 in the Harz mountains (or as they say in Bavaria: "Northern Germany").

Science Game

We are now in the prototype phase. We intend to build a creative and fun science game for children. We are currently looking for partners to help achieve our goal.



  • Beate Neu
  • Nitish Nagesh
  • Jessica Neusser
  • Niklas Dreymann 
  • Johaina Kullab


  • Maximilian Bauer
  • Kristina Schick


  • Prof. Dr. Winfried Petry

For partnerships, ideas and suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with us at