The initial name of our project is Scienciety. As you can see, it connects the words Science and Society - and this is also the goal of our project: To create a connection between the two. In order to realize this, we would like to start a project based on a concrete challenge where science is needed in society. It is particularly important for us to find out how to achieve the greatest possible impact, i.e. how to reach as many people as possible, while managing the tradeoff between information and entertainment.


We have defined our core problem - children lack understanding and knowledge about the scientific processes. Our goals were defined in the last workshop at Bad Tölz. Currently,  a second research phase has begun for us. We intend to find out as much as possible about our target group, its environment and possible research methods. This research serves as a basis for our three-day workshop in the middle of Germany from 30.03 to 01.04 in the Harz mountains (or as they say in Bavaria: "Northern Germany").

In this workshop we want to develop concrete ideas on how we can solve our problem within the framework of a project, but also focus on organisational tasks (e.g. project schedule). More importantly, we will try to be as creative as possible, so there will be plenty of room for fun and games. We are sure that the workshop will be great! 


  • Beate Neu
  • Nitish Nagesh
  • Jessica Neußer
  • Niklas Dreymann 
  • Johaina Kullab


  • Maximilian Bauer
  • Kristina Schick


  • Prof. Dr. Winfried Petry