Core Problem

School children between 9-12 years lack sufficient access to knowledge about the scientific method in a playful way especially in the context of climate change.


Lack of understanding of the scientific method leads children to have a negative attitude towards science.


We plan to develop a new interactive path for the City of Munich's environmental department in Olympiapark with the theme of "Climate Change in Urban Areas" by January 2020.


Based on didactic/social science findings, knowledge about the scientific method is conveyed through interactive action in the form of an adventure trail. In order to arouse as much interest as possible and thus achieve a high level of participation, the current topic of climate change in urban areas is chosen. The effectiveness of the discovery path will be assessed by questions on the scientific method before and after the intervention. In order to investigate the attitude towards science, we use an already existing and validated questionnaire, which the test persons work on before and after the intervention. In addition, subgroup analyses are planned, which will be analysed in the context of the results of the 2018 Wissenschaftsbarometer. It is also possible that sample questions (before and after the intervention) will be used to determine whether the test persons orient their actions towards the state of scientific knowledge.

Prototype Bootcamp - Sep 6th and 7th 2019

In our bootcamp we designed a concept for the adventure trail with seven stations and the overarching topic ”climate change in urban areas”.


Prototype Workshop @ Makerspace, TUM

  • We received a makerspace scholarship for our prototype and spent an afternoon tinkering with possible product ideas.
  • We planned to make a forest adventure trail with the aim of bringing scientific research closer to students in a playful way.


Workshop at Bad Sachsa - Mar 30th to Apr 1st 2019

  • Our goals were defined in the last workshop at Bad Tölz.
  • We had a three-day workshop in the middle of Germany from 30.03.19 to 01.04.19 in the Harz mountains (or as they say in Bavaria: "Northern Germany").
  • We wanted to build a creative and fun science game for children. 



  • Beate Neu
  • Nitish Nagesh
  • Jessica Neusser
  • Niklas Dreymann 
  • Johaina Kullab


  • Maximilian Bauer
  • Kristina Schick


  • Prof. Dr. Winfried Petry

For partnerships, ideas and suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with us at