Digital Enlightenment

Responding to the call (2019) "Multimodal Science Communication”, our team decided to reinforce the interaction between science and society through an effective communication platform for important scientific topics. Currently, We concentrate on the topic Cyber Security (Data Privacy) considering its importance in our daily life in a digitalized world.

On this website, we will keep you apprised of any developments throughout our project.


How we come to our project?

Since the call of 2019 is based on the assumption that there is a problem of science communication in our societies: there is a gap between the large population and science. There are many important topics discussed by scientists but not well-know in public. There are many reasons, such as the lack of motivation and interest, the lack of accessibility, the complexity of science etc. and the most important reason in our opinion: the way to present science is not efficient enough. Therefore, we hope to develop a platform which combines varies communication possibilities to communicate science in a more proper and creative way, that motivates people to get touch with science.

We also reached an agreement that due to the different content of each area of science, the format of communication should not be the same for all fields. We should focus on one important issue that we are able to evaluate the effect of each action. After an iterative process of group discussion, literature review and meetings with our supervisors we decide to focus on one topic, which is closely related to our life, but ignored by most of us despite its importance: Cyber Security (Data Privacy).


Why Cyber Security (Data Privacy)?

Ever since the inception of the Internet, distance communication and resource sharing have brought one much comfort and convenience. However, in recent years, data scandals of giant companies such as Facebook and Google have casted doubts on personal data protection and cyber security. However, most of people do not really know what it actually is. To evaluate these concerns and raise public awareness, we decided to kick start our project on this topic.


Our Goal

Within the framework of our project and the planned actions we aim to:

  • Introduce the topic of Cyber Security in scientific terms to the general audience
  • Raise awareness about Cyber Security (Data Protection) among young people
    • by explaining its scientific and technological background and exposing them to a basic scientific knowledge related to the topic;
  • Determine factors that have an impact on the efficiency of science communication in the field of Data privacy through the analysis of the outcomes of the implemented actions.


Idea of the project

Our research indicated the lack of a versatile platform targeting cyber security. To aid the organization of events and empower users with an integrated net of information regarding cyber security, we decided to develop an online platform called “Digital Enlightenment”. In this platform, scientific knowledge about Cyber Security (Data Protection) will be presented to young people (university or high-school students) in a creative way using diverse mediums and actions. It will be as well our communication tool to reach our target group and gain more visibility. In general, the online platform will be the basis to generate awareness, build a community and launch events to raise awareness about the topic.

The general topic is already decided but the specifics of the content will be discussed in the next month as shown in the Project Plan. The Project will include an event conducted in either a High School or a Center for Young People (Jugendzentrum).


Project plan

Our preliminary project plan is shown in the following chart. Our Project has been categorized into three phases, which all highlight different aspects of implementation and research. The plan is subject to changes based on our further research and brainstorming results on awareness-raising activities.



Current status

Currently we are still in the research phase. Interviews on specialized professionals and short pre-surveys on small sample of people have been carried out (waiting for response) for insight generation. In the workshop Intermediate Evaluation in May, we will try to develop concrete ideas on how we can conduct our project and focus on work packages.


Our team

We are a very diverse team of students from different faculties of Technische Universität München. All of us show motivation and enthusiasm in interdisciplinary research and social engagement:

  • Ho Huang, master student of Sport and Health Sciences;
  • Rebeca Marichalar Quezada, master student of TUM School of management;
  • Xinyi Huang, master student of chemical engineering;
  • Yousef Walha, bachelor student of Munich School of Engineering;
  • Yushu Yang, bachelor student of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Supervisors and Tutors

Thanks for the support from TUM: Junge Academie and our supervisors

  • Prof. Dr. Maria Bannert
  • Prof. Dr. Lisa Herzog
  • Prof. Dr. Maximilian Schiffer

and our tutors

  • Danilo Hackner
  • Andreas Heimfarth

during our project phase. Your guidance and advice are always helpful for us.



If you have any interest in our project or want to cooperate with us to raise awareness on cyber security among the young audience, please feel free to contact us for more information.