Funding the Future

We believe that the future of funding fair, unbiased and impactful research is through crowd funding. This hypothesis is based on the following reality:

  • Funding by corporations results in bias towards the goals of the corporations.
  • Funding by governments results in bias towards the goals of the current governing bodies.

We see crowdfunding as a viable and strong source of income for future research, especially for research done by students and young scientists.



  • Establishing a crowdfunding website & platform that is easy to use and effective at marketing projects.
  • Finding promising projects to sponsor through our platform.
  • Analyzing the interest in funding, evaluate the outcome of our approach.
  • Assisting the selected projects in not only their funding, but also in their science communication through our website platform.

Here you can find our platform:


Contact Us

  • Altan Birler
  • Karlis Blums
  • Alexander Karollus
  • Jan Kochanowski
  • Dominik Schindler
  • Tobias Spöttl
  • Stephanie Stockert
  • Bruno Villela Pedras Lago
  • Maximilian Wagner


  • Sarah Braun
  • Panagiotis Christou


  • Prof. Dr. Sonja Berensmeier