TUMorrow. Embracing the University of the Future!

Embracing the University of the Future

Get in touch with and develop fascinating ideas on how to study and work together!

Take part in project sprints, social games, and discuss with us the challenges of today and tomorrow.

How can we find new ways of cooperation in our fragmented society? Can we be more considerate, appreciative, and diverse? Are there new ideas for sustainable work, education, and research? And from a broader perspective: How does all that fit into the context of today's world issues? 

Join us for a creative evening. Live at the TUM Audimax, on Instagram, and other social networks.

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Our five teams

Team names (from left to right, from top to bottom): Proactivation, CreaThesis, ElecTUM, LETO, On Second Sight

Five creative Ideas for TUMorrow

In 20 months, we developed 5 ideas. Check them out!

  • CreaThesis: a new and creative way to communicate scientific work!
  • Culture: how can we overcome prejudices and stop thinking in black and white?
  • ElecTUM: universities and students: minimize your carbon footprint!
  • LETO: find the perfect study partner in your course!
  • Proactivation: finally get up and just do it!

Discuss with our Guest Speaker!

Prof. Dr. Thomas Birner (LMU): "Be aware, prevent, prepare: a realist's perspective on the climate crisis"

Abstract: One may identify certain paradigms in public discourse of climate change, where it was shaped initially by the urge to create awareness, countered by dismissal. Discourse then shifted to alarmism with the urge for activism, countered by active denialism. When portrayed in such black-white dichotomy the need for diverse discourse and open-minded solution strategies may get lost. Even worse, climate anxiety paired with doomism has become somewhat prominent more recently, which together with passive denialism may lead to inaction and resignation. In this talk, I will argue that a realistic outlook for our path through the climate crisis may include both, the awareness that fundamental changes to the way we live are likely and require preparedness, and that catastrophic change is preventable by actions that are by now well-known and realizable. Climate change as one of the defining issues of our time will surely affect the future of our universities. At the same time our universities offer an ideal arena for creative, open-minded discourse on such pressing issues - let's embrace it!


Biography: Thomas Birner is a physicist, specializing in atmospheric physics with research interests broadly in weather and climate dynamics. After obtaining a master's degree in physics from the University of Leipzig in 1999 he worked as a PhD student in atmospheric physics at Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Oberpfaffenhofen obtaining his PhD degree from LMU in 2003. He then did postdoctoral research work in Reading, UK, and Toronto, Canada, after which he spent 9 years as a professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University, USA. He returned to Munich as a professor of theoretical meteorology at LMU in 2018.

More Details

On July 2nd, we want to work and celebrate with you! Live interactive at the TUM Audimax in Munich. Take part in our idea workshops, where each TUMJA project will present and discuss its findings with you. And then: Enjoy the show! With guest speakers, games, prizes, and, of course, our star guests: The TUMJA #class2021 projects and their brand new ideas.

Where? TUM Audimax on the main campus
When? July 2nd, 2022, 5:00 pm
How? Register here
16:40 Arrival
17:00 Project Workshops
18:00 Convention & Guest Awards (maybe you win :-))
19:00 Get-together with drinks and snacks

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TUM: Junge Akademie (TUMJA) is the TUM's scholarship program for exceptionally talented and dedicated students. It offers committed students individual scope for development on their way to reaching positions of responsibility in our modern society. Among other things, the scholarship aims to confront the most promising students with open and particularly difficult problems at an early stage to teach them how to solve such issues.

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