Smartphone, computer, Internet access and TV set - almost 100 % of all households in Germany are equipped with digital media devices. As a result, children and young people have daily contact with these devices. Media consumption is a natural part of their everyday lives as they discover their world with and through media.

This discovery is overshadowed by false and misleading information which is becoming more prominent. In Germany, there are six interactions with fake news for every real news post on Facebook. Many young people have limited knowledge about the functions and working methods of journalism. School as an educational institution has the function of imparting to children a large part of the knowledge they need for life in society. According to the German government, this includes not only reading, writing and arithmetic, but also the new cultural technique of media literacy.


Develop an interactive tool:

  • that indicates whether one is able to distinguish fake news from real information, based on the answers of the person conducting the test
  • that is tailored to information and fake news from the area of social media
  • that increases media literacy of high-school students in a playful way and encourage critical thinking when consuming information on social media


Phase 1
  • Goal Definition
  • Literature Research
  • Team Organisation
November 2021 - April 2022
Phase 2
  • Develop Reseach Question
  • Develop Questionnaire
  • Develop Tool
  • Reach Out to Schools
May 2022 - October 2022
Phase 3
  • Test Tool
  • Get Feedback
November 2022
Phase 4
  • Fix and Improve Tool
  • Add New Features
December 2022

Phase 5

  • Visit Schools
  • Collect Data
January 2023
Phase 6
  • Analyze Data
  • Write Research Paper
  • Improve Tool
  • Prepare for Symposium
February 2023 - July 2023



  • Sophia Duggen
  • Til Hagendorn
  • Manfred Klemt
  • Katharina Küllmer
  • Wenxuan Li
  • Miguel Marcano
  • Julius Miers
  • Lucas Schnack
  • Vinh Phuc Tran
  • Steffen Wedig




  • Andrea Schittenhelm
  • Jonas Ruchti