The goal of this workgroup is to enhance the quality of life for people that had suffered the loss of an extremity, like for example a finger. We will look for alternatives to the current state of the art motion mechanisms, the bonding to the body and how feedback could be relayed to the person. We aim to not only give new approaches regarding this issue, but also to create a working prototype.

Motion: The main focus here will lie on the research of how nature realizes actuation in limited space. As prosthetics use to have an exosceletal structure for reasons of weight and stress optimization, the main emphasis of this model will lie in the examination of insect legs agitation. Moreover, we will look for alternatives to structural buildup and motion in nature. We will thus apply our findings to actuated prosthetics.

Bonding: Considering the connection of an external item to the body, we are going to investigate how in nature a body attaches to different surfaces. Our main focus is going to lie in the physical, chemical and especially constructive measures, regarding the microscopic and macroscopic effects and how these could be used to make attachment to the skin more comfortable and more solid.

Tactility: Here we will examine how and by which means tactile feedback is relayed in different beings in nature and how this could be made use of to give back a sense of touch, considering the technical feasibility. We hope you got a good first understanding of what our goals are and are inclined to join our team! We are looking forward to meet you and expand our team!


Despite the scholarship officially ending with the submission of a research proposal in May 2023, we are going to continue with our work. This is only the beginning!


News for amputees

We truely believe that we can only achieve an improved version of prosthetics if the opinions and needs of our customers are taken into account. That is why we kindly ask you to take a maximum of five minutes to fill out this online survey if you have lost a limb, and please share this link with everyone who has.

News for companies

This link is particularily addressed to companies because we find it crucial to also gain insights into their experience and expertise of manufacturing prostheses. In addition, via that link they can state if they are interested in working with the aesthetics team and in developing a mastered version of a prosthesis.

Other news

Team expansion

The aesthetics team now officially got even more diverse. We are proud to announce that another TUM student and TUMJA scholarship holder, Kathrin Schmalzl, is joining us. She got a Master's degree in Sports Science and specializes in the areas of human robotis, biomechanics, movement science, and sports psychology. We are excited for what's about to come!


Update August, 2022


  • Ioan-Daniel Craciun (B.Sc. Informatics)
  • Mohamed Zied Jaber (B.Sc. Physics)
  • Sophia Leiß (M.Sc. Health Science)
  • Nina Dieminger (B.Sc. Molecular Biotechnology)
  • Matthias Pixner (B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering)
  • Christina Schwalm (M.Sc. Architecture)
  • Kathrin Schmalzl (M.Sc. Sports Science)


  • Dorina Siebert
  • Monica Dechene


If you are curious about our ambitions, or you are a company who shares the same interests as we do and wants to collaborate, please feel free to contact us via