CrowdTUM - March 2020 Update

New project categories are going to be promoted and funded! And some of our further plans for the future.

What we are currently working on:

  • Translating every page into both English and German

  • Working with the Alumni and Carrer Departement of TUM on getting more reach and publicity

  • Restructuring the platform for more transparency and a more diverse range of projects

    • Regular blog posts on the crowdTUM and JA websites

    • Expanding from scientific projects to all sorts of projects (e.g. social, entrepreneurial, and "fun" projects) but by keeping additional support for scientific ones

    • We hope expanding the project portfolio will increase the interest and reach of crowdTUM

  • Planning a social media campaign in collaboration with TUM and TUM:JA.

As always, for questions, feedback or comments feel free to contact us via or via our social media (instagramFacebook).


Stay safe and healthy! :)