The “Cloverleaf” initiative for Bicycle Service Stations at TUM is completed!

We are proud and happy to announce that, after the first installation of the three Bicycle Service Stations at TUM campus Garching in March 2017, people at another three campuses of TUM are now also able to benefit from the idea of team “TUM Bike-Sharing.”

The TUM facility management team with representatives of TUM: Junge Akademie at campus Garching inaugurating the first bicycle service station in 2017. Photos: TUMJA / Finger

With the start of summer 2019, TUM students and employees can now realize basic maintenance and repairs to their bicycles directly on the campuses of Munich City, Olympia-Park and Freising-Weihenstephan. With a sturdy air pump, it is easy to correct tire pressures. If screws have loosened, various tools are available to stabilize them again. As a result, everyone now benefits from the bicycle service stations and TUM can be seen to be promoting individual and sustainable CO2-free mobility in Munich, giving further encouragement to students and employees to use their bikes for daily transportation.

This project was enabled through close cooperation with the real estate management team of the central department of TUM. The funding was made possible by the university management board. In particular, Ms. Isabell Thömes (Garching & Olympiapark), Ms. Tanja Jovanovic (Munich City) and Mr. Martin Flad (Freising-Weihenstephan) from the real estate management of TUM contributed to the project’s successful implementation. In coordination with former scholarship holders and the office of the TUM: Junge Akademie, they coordinated the location planning, ordered the bicycle service station kits and commissioned their assembly.

The original goal of the project group during the period 2012 until 2013 was the development and installation of a bike-sharing system that would substantially improve the mobility of those students and employees who spend a good deal of their daily time at the campuses of TUM. Since that time, MVG, the Munich Public Transport Company, have taken over the idea of the team and have installed the bike-sharing system not only in Munich but also in the city of Garching and at additional places on the Garching Campus, too.

We wish you all the best and happy cycling on all your bike trips in and around Munich and Garching!


Lean more about the project work within the team of “TUM Bike-Sharing”

In 2012, sixteen students from nine different faculties of the TUM joined the team of TUM Bike-Sharing. Supervised by two postgraduate TUM students, Martin Rothbucher and Sebastian Schuon, as well by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Diepold as project mentor, the team worked within the period of one and a half years on the development of the bike-sharing system. The interdisciplinary – and quite often intense – exchange between the students during the group meetings led to highly productive discussions. The process of exploring different concepts generated a colorful variety of ideas and possible project directions. All the participants were able to gain valuable experience in the exchange of ideas and opinions. Moreover, during the period of intense project work on the TUM Bicycle Service Stations, the project group developed a profound sense of team-spirit.

Project report TUM Bike sharing