800 new scholarships are offered by TUM during the year 2021, announced at the Deutschlandstipendium Kick-Off Event on January 19 & 20, 2021. Once again, we are pleased to announce that numerous TUMJa scholarship recipients are once again among the beneficiaries. ... [more]

Unser traditioneller TDI (Tag der studentischen Initiativen) findet am 18. Januar 2021 zum ersten Mal online statt. 40 Initiativen haben sich angemeldet und die Besucher werden viel Zeit haben, alle kennenzulernen. Save the date, stay tuned und mehr Informationen auf... [more]

The 2020 student research teams will continue their work until the end of October 2021. [more]

We’re all quarantined, it’s cold and dark outside – so how could one better spend the time than with an excellent read? [more]

Today, Team Clarify has delivered one pair of VR-glasses to TUMJA-member Jonas Unterholzner, who will now show our Virtual Reality Tour around Munich to his grandparents. If you also have a family member of at least 60 years of age you would like to show the tour,... [more]

We are Team Quintessence and part of the year 2019. As one of the final acts of our active project time here at TUM: Junge Akademie, we decided to participate in the contest TUM Future Learning Initiative. [more]

For the third time, TUM is organizing the "TUM4Mind Awareness Week 2020", inspired by TUMJA, which organized the #TUM4MIND action week for the first time in 2018. Since then, the Student Service Center has taken responsibility for the format and adapted it very... [more]

Neue Tutor*innen und Supervisors begleiten in den kommenden zwanzig Monaten die Teams des Calls "Disruption and Reconstruction" [more]

We will do it again: After the fantastic success organizing the 1. virtualTUMrun ever with 730 participants in more than 20 countries worldwide, the team of TUMJA accepts the challenge and we will offer the event twice in 2020 for you and all members of the network of... [more]

After intensive preparation, the MUCtrail was officially inaugurated in Munich's Olympic Park by the student research team MUCtrail (year 2019) in cooperation with the City of Munich. Jessica Neusser, Master student of Biology at the TUM School of Life Science and... [more]