Team Clarify has developed a virtual tour through Munich and is now looking for elderly participants. [more]

Team Exfluenced of Class 2020 completed the test phase and successfully launched their free 7-day digital detox program on [more]

All Scholarship Holders of 2021 passed the final admission process. [more]

Get involved in one of the exciting initiatives in Munich. Most of them start the application process right now! 26 student initiatives and organizations introduce into their work, activities, schedule, and how you might become an active member. [more]

MUTtrail from the Class 2019 has been nominated for the environmental prize of the Bayerische Landesstiftung by the City of Munich. The final result will be announced in August. Congratulations and good luck to them! [more]

Eco-friendly behaviour concerning food consumption and buying clothes in Munich, two relevant questions for the people living in the bigger area of Munich. Support the student research team AppCycle of class 2020 and take a few minutes to answering the short survey. ... [more]

Das Team der TUM Studienberatung und -information führt das von der TUMJA in 2018 initiierte Format #TUM4mind weiter und hat zahlreiche Einzelformate entwickelt. Das nächste findet am 18.03.2021 statt! [more]

Das Jahr 2020 hat uns einen drastischen Sprung ins Digitale abgefordert. Viele gesellschaftliche Bereiche, im Beruf, im Privaten aber insbesondere auch der schulische und akademische Alltag haben eine nahezu komplette Umstellung auf digitale Formate bewältigen müssen. ... [more]

The TUM Student Service Center expend the offers to relax at TUM during the exames phase! All the best to all students, success and stay healthy! Have a very good exams period. [more]

This year's first seminar weekend for all of our current scholarship holders will take place online on January 30-31. [more]