Taskforce Members

We, the Taskforce Members, take care of everything related to our members. Therefore, we represent a connection between the office, the members and our alumni. In general, we are concerned about how the internal processes related to our members can be improved. This involves questions like

  • What can we improve regarding the application process?
  • What can we do to make the application process as transparent and fair as possible?
  • How can we make sure that our new members feel being part of TUM: Junge Akademie from the first day on?
  • How do we improved connections between different years' members?

Apart from such strategic questions, we also

  • Organizing information events for applicants
  • Communication with and among members
  • Go through the applications and preselect applicants
  • Organize and realise the selection days
  • Compose welcome packages for new members

Besides, we are also a channel for problems/suggestions/criticism that our members have regarding certain aspects of our academy. We discuss such items within the taskforce first and then get in touch with the office to represent our members' interests.

Please feel free to contact us at members@ja.tum.de in case you have any questions - we are looking forward to your email.


Information events 2020

Due to corona, we won't be able to hold the information events this year. Instead, we are currently working on several videos about everything applicants need to know. We will publish these videos on our website after the nomination of the new applicants.


Taskforce Lead


Andrea Schittenhelm


Wolf Thieme

Year 2021


Leonardo Giannotti


Luca Mattes Wiehe

Sara-Luisa Reh

Alesia Prendi