Taskforce Recruiting

We, the Taskforce Recruiting, accompany potential new members throughout the application process. This begins with nominations (for most at least) and ends with a fresh selection of new, motivated scholarshipholders right before their kick-off. Every year, we ask ourselves questions like

  • What can we improve regarding the application process?
  • What can we do to make the application process as transparent and fair as possible?
  • How is the JA explained and presented best?

Apart from such strategic questions, we also

  • Organizing information events for applicants
  • Go through the applications and preselect applicants
  • Organize and realise the selection days
  • Compose welcome packages for new members

Please feel free to contact us at recruiting@ja.tum.de in case you have any questions - we are looking forward to your email.


Information event #class24

The application process for the new #class24 cohort starts at the beginning of June with the nomination of students at TUM. The deadline for applications is Aug. 31, 2023.

Further information can be found at Ways to Join. The call of #class24 will be presented after the Advisory Board's spring meeting there as well.

The dates for the three planned information events are still being determined.

Taskforce Lead


Daniel Gögelein


Class 2023


Johanna Lebmeier

TUM Health Science


Vivian Meier

TUM NAT / Chemistry


Ines Velasco Martinez

TUM ED / Aerospace


David Schuster



Letizia Wörrlein

TUM Sports Science

Class 2022


Laura Gentner

TUM ED / Mechanical Engineering


Tobias Loferer



Lucas Schnack

TUM CIT / Informatics


Benjamin Villard

TUM ED / Mechanical Engineering


Corinna Marlene Winkler


Taskforce Seniors


Andrea Schittenhelm

TUM Sports- and Health science


Wolf Thieme

TUM CIT / Informatics