TUM: Science Hackathon

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TUM: Science Hackathon 2021 – Season 2

The fourth edition of our TUM: Science Hackathon takes place in November 2021.

Application opens October 15, 2021! TUM: Science Hackathon 2021_II


TUM: Science Hackathon is the hackathon organized by TUM: Junge Akademie, a scholarship program of the Technical University of Munich for exceptionally talented and dedicated students with high affinity for research and teaching. Students of diverse fields and from different universities are invited to participate in this hackathon and to display their creativity, passion, and problem-solving skills.

The last TUM: Science Hackathon in April 2021 was attended by more than 120 students from various fields of study. Industry partners and university chairs offer exciting challenges, which combine issues from different scientific disciplines. Teams of up to five people will work out solutions for these challenges. Each team gets professional support from the worlds of business and science. At the end of the Science Hack, the coolest projects are rewarded with attractive prices!

While programming experience is almost essential for every team, the challanges will encourage you to use a diverse set of skills in approaching complex problems, so you don't have to be a coder to join. Try to form teams that include people from different fields, but also make sure that there are coders in the team.

What happened so far at #ScienceHack?

TUM: Science Hackathon 2021 – Season 1

The third edition of our TUM: Science Hackathon took take place in April 2021. Have a look at our winners! TUM: Science Hackathon 2021-I

TUM: Science Hackathon 2019

In the second edition of TUM: Science Hackathon, students from nine different fields of study participated and the event was supported by six partner companies. It was an incredible opportunity for students and companies to interact in finding unique solutions to one concerning problem: Sustainability. TUM: Science Hackathon 2019

TUM: Science Hackathon 2018

The first TUM: Science Hackathon hosted students from seven different fields of study and was supported by five partner companies. It was an incredible opportunity for students and companies to interact in finding unique solutions to important problems. TUM: Science Hackathon 2018