Project phase

The project phase is the core element in the scholarship programme of TUM: Junge Akademie.

The project year is carried out in interdisciplinary groups. In the course of the Kick-Off weekend, the basic ideas of the participants of the respective year are discussed – and the most popular ones are fleshed out and developed further by the members, advisors and professors. Then, each member is free to join the project that appeals to them most. This results in three to five project groups per year, consisting of five to seven members of all disciplines. The groups are supported by experienced mentors and tutors – personally and professionally. All project teams present their results at the annual symposium at the end of the twenty month project phase. In the end, all these papers are published in a project report book.


Contentwhise, the projects are not constrained. All scolarship holders are able to choose their favourite project and the TUM: Junge Akademie supports all projects both financially and ideationally. During the project phase, all students meet at various conference centers around munich about every three month. This gives scolarship holders the opportunity to participate in professional workshops. Furthermore, the projects groups are able to intensively focus on their projects and have constructive discussions with both professors and experts.

Within the TUM: Junge Akademie, our scholarship holders can gain experience at planning and realizing projects and get insights into scientific research. Thus, TUM: Junge Akademie prepares all students for their future professional life.

Along with the project work, all scholarship holders become a member of one of our taskforces. The taskforces are responsible for organizational tasks like planning the annual symposium or selecting the next years’ scholarship holders.


The current projects and their progress can be viewed under Projects. The results of the previous years are listed there too.