Our own website is now online. Visit us at and learn more!

Our Goal

While a variety of interesting research is conducted at TUM in bachelor's, master's, and doctoral theses, it usually does not make it beyond the faculties and research groups. A contributing factor is that the ability to communicate one's own scientific research to people outside the field is usually not part of the curriculum.

With CreaThesis, we want to give students the opportunity to creatively elaborate on their thesis and to present it on our website in order to arouse in their work and to increase their own ability to communicate scientific topics.


Latest Updates

After a very work-intensive time we are now very proud that our own website is now online ( We are looking forward to welcoming many interested students and hopefully also many participants here. We hope to see many creative submissions from all fields of science. The first 50 participants who take part in our project can also look forward to receiving 20 € each. More detailed information about this and the exact conditions of participation as well as the first inspiring examples can be found on our website. 



Alix Bertrand (TUM MED)

Marlon Demandt (TUM Gov)

Theresa Franz (TUM MED)

Anita Kolmann (TUM SoM)

Nico Michel (Mechanical Engineering)

Andrea Schittenhelm (Sports- and Health science)

Philipp Strobl (TUM Life Science)

Tobias Tiemeier (TUM SoM)


Sebastian Kaltenbach (Mechanical Engineering)

Maximilian Wagner (TUM Gov)