International Cooperation

Welcome to the homepage of the Taskforce International. This taskforce is part of the TUM: Junge Akademie program and was founded by students in January 2019.

In times of right-wing populism and isolation of countries, international organizations like the European Union face increasing challenges and even the prospect of failure. In this context, it is more important than ever to build transnational connections and build alliances with like-minded partners. We, the taskforce international, consider it our mission to bring more international aspects to the TUM: Junge Akademie in order to exchange, to create and to engage in a discourse.

Our Goal

We want to create an interdisciplinary exchange amongst students from international universities and TUM:Junge Akademie. This exchange will be based on shared scientific merits and bring together different scientific disciplines, nationalities, and cultures. 

Furthermore, we are establishing TUM:Junge Akademie internationally as a brand, which stands for professional scientific research, interdisciplinary teamwork, and leadership competences, as well as solving problems by critical and creative thinking. We want to address universities and research centers in different countries so that our name is associated with professionalism and experience in scientific work.

Additionally, we do want to allow our scholarship holders to expand their international experiences and benefit personally from a highly diverse network, that prepares them for their futures in academia or beyond. 

In short our goals are summarized by:

  • Learning from different cultures and enableing mobility
  • Fostering international relationships
  • Establishing highly diverse and expansive networks
  • Prepare for the international scientific environment
  • Experience different fields of vision

Current project

We are currently preparing a (online) “mini-summer school” consisting of a presentation and a workshop for TUMJA scholarship members and forgein student that will be held within the TUM Global Week to strengthen our bond with the ICL, establish TUM:JA within the TUM Global Week, and gather first results on the concepts we worked on during the last year.  

Furthermore, we are developing our week-long program for the summer school with the ICL, finding an overarching theme for the presentations and workshops and developing it as a whole. We are also playing the cultural aspects of our program, like visiting some museums or concerts, or possibly even organising a hiking trip just outside munich. We hope this will form the basis of an exciting exchange and a long-lasting new cooperation.

We are of course open to other universities and partners for future projects and would be happy to hear from you, if you would like to enter into a partnership with the TUM:Junge Akademie.

Who we are

We are several students of different study fields, who are fully motivated to build up networks with other international universities. 

Feel free to contact us with questions or recommendations:

Class 2022


Mohamed Zied Jaber



Sophia Maria Rebecca Leiß

Sport and Health Sciences


Valentin Pauli



Constantin von Witzleben



Julius Johannes Wenzler


Taskforce Seniors


Mohamed Shoeir


Nina Zuber


The Taskforce International Cooperation was founded by students of the Year 2019 in Herrsching on 27.1.2019 - with the original goal of building relations with students and similar organisations to the TUM: Junge Akademie outside TUM and Germany. Since TUM was developing a stronger cooperation with Imperial College London on a university level at that time, ICL seemed like the perfect university to start a cooperation among students as well.

On 25th of April a delegation of the Imperial College London visited the TUM Campus in Garching. Three members of the taskforce International attended the meeting. We did guidance through the entrepreneurship centre of TUM and the Makerspace. In a presentation, we explained our goals and the program. To foster the relationship, build a network and improve our work, Prof. Buitendijk, the vice provost for education of ICL at the time invited us to the college in London. With this visit we hope to find other students, who want to build up a common project so our exchange can start as soon as possible. 

Additionally to ICL, we also contacted ETH Zürich as a possible exchange partner and a taskforce member presented our idea to a small delegation visiting TUM and TUM:JA. After a very positive initial reaction towards our program ETH had to inform us that a common summer-school in march 2020 would not work with their semester times. We, however, hope that there is still some possibility to create some common exchange in the future.

Then in early November three taskforce members got to accompany a delegation of TUM to London, where we met with their international office, interested student groups and discussed the possible framework of our summer school. Additionally, we got a tour of their campus, their student union and got to spend some free time in London, where we met some TUM:JA alumni.

Sadly, due to the global pandemic, the plans for the summer school had to be postponed by one year, and we work on and hope to finally launch the summer school in march 2021.

One of our main goals from the past year was to raise money in order to finance the exchange. So that everyone has an equal chance to participate, we do not want students to pay a big part for the exchange such as accommodation and flights. This is why we participated in tenders for fundraising from organisations such as the DAAD. Unfortunately, until now we have not been granted financial support. However, we keep on applying and are confident that we will be lucky enough to receive sponsorship within the next few months.

In February our members joined the European career fair of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We got in contact with different students all over the world, who studied at MIT and we have aroused interest and knowledge about the TUM:JA, successfully.