Virtual TUM Campusrun 2020

Second virtual TUMrun in November!

With 730 participants in 22 countries on four continents, our first #virtualTUMrun as an alternative to the traditional TUM Campusrun was a tremendous success.

For that reason we will host the #virtualTUMrun twice this year, next one starts November 13 & 14, 2020.

More information to follow.

Results of the 1st virtual TUM Campusrun - June 25&26, 2020

The first #virtualTUMrun as an alternative of the traditional TUM Campusrun was a tremendous success, which took place on 22 countries on four continents!

"The winners are!"

  Women 5,5 km       Women 11 km
1 Meike Jahn 00:24:20 1 Clara Carste 00:47:22
2 Ruth Henneke 00:24:24 2 Kathrin Heise 00:47:40
3 Julia von Poblotzki 00:24:24 3 Johanna Proessdorf 00:48:49
4 Eva Hildsberg 00:24:24 4 Alexia Fontaine 00:50:11
5 Leonie Herrmann 00:25:50 5 Sabrina Branner 00:51:40


  Men 5,5 km       Men 11 km
1 Tim Engelbrecht 00:16:23 1 Marco Sahm 00:38:47
2 Max Hoffmann 00:18:14 2 Daniel Kucevic 00:38:56
3 Jonas Schmid-Querg 00:18:26 3 ga76hug   00:39:18
4 Jim Pincini 00:19:05 4 Jannis Nikolaides 00:40:23
5 Paul Rötzer 00:19:41 5 Jan Böttcher 00:40:33


  Teams 5,5 km     Teams 11 km
1 Ernisquad 00:20:25 1 EES rapid 00:49:11
2 ZHS Triathlon 00:20:35 2 Fachschaft Medizin 00:50:53
3 Willi Graf Wohnheim 00:24:42 3 Asian-European Society Munich 00:51:21
4 Untrainiert! 00:25:31 4 TEDxTUM - Fueled by ideas 00:51:57
5 El-Flutsch 00:26:21 5 Lehrstuhl für Hubschraubertechnologie 00:52:29



All results on one view:


Congrats to all participants! You did it! We loved you spirt!


And here you find some statistics:

  • In total, all participants had run 5,874 km in Munich, Bavaria and abroad during the two days!
  • Beside Germany, the TUMlinge started in Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, India, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Oman, Austria, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Hungary and the USA.
  • 730 runners, including 222 women and 508 men, accepted the challenge.
  • Women: 134 chose the 5.5 and 88 the 11 km route.
  • Men: 258 ran the 5.5 and 250 the 11 km route.
  • 79 teams (43 x 5.5 / 36 x 11 km) could be considered in the competition
  • 3 to 14 runners formed one team.
  • 363 students # 173 PhD students # 55 employees # 21 post-docs # 11 professors # 54 alumni # 53 no information



Impressions of TUM Campus Run 2019 - discover watching the video

We, at TUM: Junge Akademie, have been organizing the TUM campus run since 2013. In the first two years, our student research teams "runTUMfit" and "wachTUM" realized the event. Since then, the management of TUMJA, together with a group of volunteer students and doctoral students from TUM, has been responsible for what is now the largest sports event at TUM, in which up to 1,500 people from the network of the Technical University of Munich can take part.

This year’s biggest sporting event at TUM – the campus run with about 2.500 participants – had to be canceled. But we have splendid news: We will host TUM's first virtual campus run instead.


Virtual running? Yes!
This is how:


Register for the first virtual campus run on the TUMJA Wiki from 10th of June 2020 until 25th of June 2020. As a participation number, you use your TUM-ID. Register here.


On June 25th or 26th, you run your preferred distance of 5.5 or 11km. You run alone at whatever location you choose. Track your distance and time using a smartphone or fitness tracker.

Report your results

From June 25th until June 27th, 2020 you upload your achieved time together with an image of your results and your TUM-ID here.

The finish

On June 30th, 2020 at 2 p.m. we will publish the ranking of the first virtual campus run. You will recognize your standing by your TUM-ID. Of course, no personal information nor names will be published.



Exclusively runners from the TUM can participate:

  • Students,
  • Staff from science and administration, and
  • and of course all alumni of the TUM.

Not only ambitious people who want to break the time records of previous years are invited but also those who simply want to enjoy physical activity.

Participation is not possible without a concrete connection to the TUM network - a TUM identification is required for registration.


The only thing you need to record your run is your mobile phone or a suitable fitness tracker. You can use an app of your choice (e.g.: Runtastic, Runkeeper, Endomondo, Strava, etc.).

An app that is well suited for this and easy to use is the "Nike Run Club" app. Just download it from the App Store or the Google Play Store and register. Now you should see a map showing your current position as long as your GPS is activated. Under "Set a destination" you can now set the desired route length of either 5.5 or 11 km. Now nothing stands in the way of the run and you can press START as soon as you are ready to start.

Once you have completed your desired distance (the Nike Run Club app should beep if you have set the distance in advance), stop recording and take a screenshot of your activity, showing the distance and time you have run. And don't forget to take 1-2 photos of your run, which you can upload as well.

Now all you have to do is upload your distance, time, screenshots and the link you received in the registration email.

By the way! In addition to the proof (distance and time), we would be happy about one or two snapshots of you at the finish or during the run.


This run is organised free of charge and voluntarily by the TUM: Junge Akademie as well as from students and co-workers from different areas at TUM.

Please direct your inquires to or via our Facebook-Event.