Board of Members

The Board of Members was established at the beginning of 2014 in order to represent and unite the members’ interests within the TUM: Junge Akademie. This is where representatives of the ongoing projects, task forces and dedicated members of each year get together.

At meetings of the Board, questions concerning the current projects and activities of the taskforces are discussed. In addition, strategic issues such as possibilities to continuously promote the further development of the TUM: Junge Akademie or change aspects of its program are discussed. Among the Board of Members individuals are appointed to the Advisory Board as representatives of the members, making it possible to ensure a direct exchange of information between the Board of Members, Advisory Board and the members themselves. Thereby the members can contribute to the decision-making process.

Every member is encouraged to present his ideas at meetings of the Board of Members and help the TUM: Junge Akademie to evolve into an institution which can be organized by the members on an independent basis.


Elena Tangocci

Head of the BoM   

+49 89 289 24386

Philipp Patzelt

Deputy Head of the BoM



Christian Dietz