Generation of competence for handling information critically


Bias are part of everyday life and necessary to simplify daily tasks but sometimes they can also lead us into wrong directions. That’s where we want to put an eye on. Specifically, we are interested in bias in the digital world, the effect of media bias on the human behavior

  • How are we effected in our behaviour or opinions by factors we are not aware of?
  • How drastically does our behaviour change? Up to which extent is our election effected and therefore our democracy?
  • What happens if we are made aware of the specific biases we get influenced by – for example by comparing Google search results of different profile?
  • Do we change our behaviour?
  • What we looked at was the power Google and Facebook have on personal and popular opinions with their news feed, recommended videos and search results?

There are already voices warning of the great amount of power these companies are accumulating and the way this could significantly weaken our democracy.

How we do it?

Are you aware that we are all part of some clusters in digital world? confused ?
Take the example of Google search.
When two different people search the same keyword on Google, it is likely that they will end up with fairly different search results. We believe, that when comparing the search results of different people so called clusters will appear, showing how some peoples results are closer to others.

We have developed a tool to demonstrate this effect through visualization of these clusters. Doing so, we hope to raise awareness of this cluster phenomenon and its impact. We further want to investigate, how these clusters can be interpreted and whether they are based on the peoples personality and background.

Curious about our tool? Have a visit to ClusterMe and experience the cluster you are in.


  • Marina Able
  • Julian Albers
  • Anna-Lena Fackler
  • Daniel Hernández
  • Kyra Kleine
  • Tilman Knopp
  • Mohammad Youssef Mahfouz
  • Sebastian Mair
  • Rishith Ellath Meethal
  • Janna Nikonov
  • Lea Sophie Seier
  • Nicola Stadler
  • Julian Trummer


  • Thomas Bickel Haase
  • Michael Vetter


  • Dr. Hannes Petermeier
  • Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Scheurle