Generation of competence for handling information critically


The project ClusterMe investigated the degree of personalization of search results by Google Search and addressed the question whether this could lead to the formation of information filter bubbles. To assess this, the ClusterMe team developed the online tool The tool quantifies and visualizes the differences between search results different users receive for the same search queries. Furthermore, the tool gives users the possibility to individually assess this effect on their own and to find out which information other users receive that they do not. 


The analysis of the data collected demonstrates that search results users received differ both in respect to the links displayed and the order in which they are ranked. Furthermore, for some search queries groups with similar search results that differ from other users can be seen and can thus be interpreted as clusters. However, those different clusters can primarily be attributed to different geographical backgrounds and therefore language preferences of the users. The data ClusterMe gathered and analyzed does not support the view that Google search result personalization is so pronounced that it could give rise to information filter bubbles.


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  • Marina Able
  • Julian Albers
  • Anna-Lena Fackler
  • Daniel Hernández
  • Kyra Kleine
  • Tilman Knopp
  • Mohammad Youssef Mahfouz
  • Sebastian Mair
  • Rishith Ellath Meethal
  • Janna Nikonov
  • Lea Sophie Seier
  • Nicola Stadler
  • Julian Trummer


  • Thomas Bickel Haase
  • Michael Vetter


  • Dr. Hannes Petermeier
  • Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Scheurle