Our research question

How can we make the TUM more sustainable after the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our goal

Develop a model of student scenario-based behaviors that influence our energy consumption with the aim of encouraging the university and its students to take climate action based on these findings.

What are we working on right now?

Our initial idea was based on this year's call, "Disruption and Reconstruction - Opportunities for Global Collaboration". As Team Climate, we decided to look at how having an online university affects energy use during the pandemic compared to pre-Corona energy consumption.  We are now working on a more holistic approach where we break down all of the critical variables that affect student energy consumption to reach a more accurate conclusion. Here, we are currently evaluating the accessibility of the data needed by us. Initial results showed that we will have difficulties in obtaining the required data in detail. Therefore, we are elaborating on how to circumvent this issue. A possible way would be to simplify our project to a Case Study. The scenario-based findings from our Case Study can be later used to promote simple and effective guidelines that will encourage every student together with the university to take an active role in helping the climate. If possible, we would also like to expand our suggestions, in order to promote a more general guideline that can be used by students in other universities.

Our tutors

Maryam Tatari | Sebastian Zäpfel