Kick-Off event at TUMJA partner Pixida Gmbh

Two of our student research teams of the year 2020, AppCycle and EnterTrainment, started today the official collaboration with Pixida GmbH, our partner company since 2017. In this way, we introduce a new element into the partnership, which effects the project teams' efficiency.

Credits: Pixida GmbH

The partner supports in terms of app development, consulting and offering mentorship to the project group members.

The aim of the team EnterTrainment is to raise consciousness about transportation habits, awareness about their impact on the environment, and promote eco-friendly behavior among the young adult population. AppCycle is especially motivated to find a creative way to build a platform to inform and to contribute to Munich's environment, concentrating on the re- and upcycling situation in the city.

Pixida GmbH will provide general impulses and concept reviews in the fields of functional development, architecture, data security and design.

At the Kick-Off meeting, both teams presented their individual research questions and the status quo of their project development. In a constructive and creative atmosphere, staff members of Pixida GmbH offered feedback and contributed input for the next step of the project development.

Thank all who joined in and for the kick-off of our new element of collaboration.