[Freesearch] CrowdTUM platform launched!

The very first projects to fund are online!

We realized our platform and launched now, presenting the first three projects. Discover our innovative and powerful tool: https://crowd.ja.tum.de

Fund or become your project, bachelor or Master thesis funded!

Here you find information about the first three projects:

  • REVERSED: "New engaging teaching concept for the mathematics and physics education at Bavarian high schools based on a modular drone that can be disassembled into individual experiments." (Funding goal: 2.500,00 €)
  • GHANA RURAL RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECT: "Our aim is to give a chance to rural Ghana to show the world its potential by harvesting the abundant resources nature has given in the most environmentally friendly way possible." (Funding goal: 2.000,00 €)
  • ARCHITEKTUR MASTERARBEIT: BERUFSSCHULE BUKIT LAWANG: "Planung und Bau einer handwerklichen Berufsschule in Sumatra. Mit Hilfe von ihren Spenden kann das Gebäude aus nachhaltigen Materialien verwirklicht werden und jungen Menschen eine neue Ausbildung mit Perspektive geboten werden." (Funding Goal: 5.000,00 €)