Change in the Advisory Board of TUM: Junge Akademie

After five years, Professor Klaus Diepold resigns from the steering committee as a representative of the professors. His successor is Professor Pascal Berberat from the Faculty of Medicine.

Foto: TUM / Andreas Heddergott

Foto: CDTM


With the beginning of the summer semester 2019 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Diepold, Chair of Data Processing of TUM and supervisor of the project groups MitfahrAPP, TUMbikesharing, relax@campus and TUMcloud, will leave his duty as member of the advisory board of TUM: Junge Akademie.

On behalf of the active scholarship holders and alumni as well the further representatives of the Adivory Board, we sincerely thank Klaus Diepold for his energetic and motivating support of our program for talented and appassionated young scientists of the TUM.

The duties of Prof. Diepold as representative of the professorship in the Advisory Board will be handed over to  Prof. Dr. med. Pascal Berberat, who is the director of the TUM Medical Education Center and is now joining into the committee.

On May 2, Professor Berberat will attend the Advisory Board meeting for the first time. We look forward to construtive and creative cooperation